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We chose the name of our company based on what we do for our fellow entrepreneurs, because rather than passively invest in our portfolio companies, we're active participants rolling up our sleeves and working with them side-by-side. We provide the capital, talent, passion, and connections necessary to amplify success.


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From business development to venture funding, meet the LOUD team ready to support your team.



Darshan is an investor and experienced entrepreneur with several successful ventures under his belt within the Healthcare industry. His greatest strength has been able to bring resources together to solve a problem or monetize on opportunities. As a co-founder of Loud Capital, Darshan's mission is to bring more resources locally to help amplify the great talent and opportunities located within Columbus, OH. Darshan is a Husband, Father, entrepreneur, and has a passion about creating a positive impact in Columbus.



David is a 3X startup founder, happy-husband, pet-loving, friend and mentor that has a passion for design and loves a cold martini after a good day of work.



Navin is an anesthesiologist who has been practicing for over 10 years in a large hospital and ambulatory based practice. He is co-founder of SmileMD, a mobile anesthesia company that is providing more access to care as well as the co-founder of Loud Capital. He brings his leadership abilities with optimism, passion, and is always seeking opportunities with win-win scenarios. His family, his yoga, and his outlook on life is what amplifies him.



Sriram is an entrepreneur who loves innovation, leadership, and service. Also, if a book has changed your life, please recommend it to him.



Todd is the CEO of Rekovo, a Columbus-based healthcare startup focused on improving physical therapy outcomes using art as a mechanism to helping patients move more. In addition to his leadership position at Rekovo, Todd is an active investor, advisor, and mentor to a number of Columbus-based technology startups.

And he's a rocket scientist. Really.



As the founder of Accelerate Ventures, Ryan has channeled his passion and experience to serve entrepreneurs and executives by helping them realize their individual and business purpose. He is a student of the successes, failures, mindsets, processes, barriers and "luck" required to grow. Ryan is an "implementor" with a unique ability to add value to be a "Super Utility Player" for an organizational by creatively translating vision and potential into result driven solutions. He is a passionate Husband to his Wife of 14 years, Father of two amazing kids, a lifelong Cubs fan and servant of causes and faith based organizations around Columbus.

Even though we love Columbus and call it our home, we've invested in dozens of companies around the world. Here are just a few that we believe in, have invested, and are part of the LOUD family.

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